Why our Buffer Tank?

AE buffer tanks are suitable for all hot water central heating systems, regardless of whether they are powered by solid-fuel or oil-fired boilers, heat pumps, solar energy systems or continuous flow heaters (gas or electric).


Several buffer tanks can also be combined in a row, meaning the tank volume can be adjusted individually depending on the requirements. Furthermore, the buffer tanks can also be used for cold water storage in cooling processes (up to 3 bar operating / system pressure) or heat recovery in industrial facilities (suitable Armaflex insulation must be provided by the contractor in this case).


Naturally, AE also offers the required supplementary programme for the buffer tanks, such as the possibility of installing heat exchangers or electric heaters, depending on the required output.

Buffer Cylinder with no Coil

  • Technical Data

    • Nominal capacity of PSF/PSM/PSR/PSRR = 500 to 5000 litres; nominal capacity of PZ/PZR/PZRR = 500 to 1500 litres
    • Made from quality St 37-2 steel
    • 100 mm ECO SKIN 2.0 fleece insulation (up to 5,000 l)
    • Large-surface pipe array on PSR/PSRR and PZR/PZRR models
    • 240 mm flange on PSF models for installing a finned tube heat exchanger or built-in heater
    • Operating pressure max. 3 bar, test pressure 4.5 bar in buffer tank
    • Operating pressure max. 10 bar, test pressure 15 bar in pipe array on PSR/PSRR and PZR/PZRR models
    • 4 regulating sleeve threads. „Female thread on PSF/PSM and PSR/PSRR models
    • 2 x sensor channels for variable positioning of sensors on PZ/PZR and PZRR models
    • Operating temperature max. 95°C (max. 110°C in pipe array)
    • External powder coating (colour deviations) up to 2000 litres
    • External anti-rust coating (from 3,000 litres upwards)

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